The film survey project

The Film Survey Project was born out of frustration to be quite honest. A frustration of beautiful buildings being cast aside or mistreated simply because the community was unaware of their existence. Thus the need for awareness and support was acknowledged and a collaborative effort was initiated. 

Photography is not new to helping specific places becoming protected and maintained. The first case, however, is one to be noted. In 1872, William Henry Jackson's photographs won over the U.S. Congress to designate Yellowstone to be the first national park. Something that had been debated for over ten years. In present day, we have many preserved parks and lands that are well maintained and cared for, but it is a difficult task to revive a building. 

Each project begins with medium format film photographs of the current state of the building. Prints can then be displayed and sold as a means to gain publicity for the project and raise funds in the renovation. On occasion, mid-process documentation is made as construction is underway, but there are always finished product images to complete the before and after effect of the transformation.